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I’ve just uploaded the last of the chapbooks — twenty-five in all. I note that, as of the present moment, twenty-four of those chapbooks are available in DRM-free ePub format from; Endeavors of Will, which went up only moments ago is still in the review stage.

Amazon is “reviewing” six chapbooks, which means they’re not yet in the sales database. The account has, perhaps, been frozen, pending the resolution of the “Chariot to the Stars” issue, reported here yesterday; or it may just be that Amazon is slow this weekend.

I will list all of the elektrified chapbooks below. For the Liaden stories and the various questions of what appears where when and published by whom, I see that Someone has been very busy at the wiki and has gathered all that information into one place. Thank you, Someone.

Pinbeam Books (aka Sharon Lee and Steve Miller) chapbooks available in DRM-free ePub (Nook) and mobi (Kindle) format:

Two Tales of Korval: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number One
Fellow Travelers: AitLU Number Two
Duty Bound: AitLU Number Three
Certain Symmetry: AitLU Number Four
Trading in Futures: AitLU Number Five
Changeling: AitLU Number Six
Loose Cannon: AitLU Number Seven
Shadows and Shades: AitLU Number Eight
Quiet Knives: AitLU Number Nine
With Stars Underfoot: AitLU Number Ten
Necessary Evils: AitLU Number Eleven
Allies: AitLU Number Twelve
Dragon Tide: AitLU Number Thirteen
Eidolon: AitLU Number Fourteen
Misfits: AitLU Number Fifteen
Halfling Moon: AitLU Number Sixteen
Skyblaze: AitLU Number Seventeen

Calamity’s Child
The Cat’s Job
Chariot to the Stars
Endeavors of Will
Master Walk
The Naming of Kinzel
Quiet Magic
Variations Three

…My next task forward of this is to build a bookstore page, and elektrify The Tomorrow Log and also Time Rags. However! What I am going to do immediately, now that this part of the larger task is behind me — is proofread the galleys for Ghost Ship.

3 thoughts on “Chapbooks uploaded”

  1. > “Chariot to the Stars” issue, reported here yesterday…

    Reported where? I don’t see a mention either here or on LJ, unless it’s in comments.

    What happened?

  2. Yup, I flat missed that. Sorry!

    I’m torn between “silly Amazon” and “sort of nice that they check”.

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