Mail Call

Today brought Eddie the FedEx Guy, bearing two boxes of Korval’s Game, containing Liaden Universe® novels Plan B and I Dare. Good grief, that’s a handful of book. Never mind stunning a small poodle, you could brain a mastiff with this thing.

A little later in the day, Steve reported that the Street Snail had arrived, and cuddled between the New Yorker and a sale flyer from J C Penney were two envelopes — one from Baen, and one from Madame the Agent’s home office.

The Baen envelope contained a check for “Intelligent Design.” Hard to find a nicer way to say, “It’s accepted,” than popping the check right into the mail.

The envelope from Madame the Agent contained royalty statements from Ace. Since Ace is no longer supposed to be selling our books — a proposition that this paperwork supports — it’s a little difficult to understand why they’re sending royalty statements.  Still, it’s nice to be remembered.

Hereabouts, it’s raining, having just changed over from snow, and the deck, Steve tells me, is coated in ice. Winter can get over any time now, ‘k?

And I. . .should be working on George, but the day-job ate my brain. Well. Maybe I’ll go curl up on the couch with a yellow pad and make notes. That counts as writing.

Doesn’t it?

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