Baby, would you eat that there snack cracker in your special outfit for me, please?

So! Self-evaluation season at the day-job. That was fun.

Lotsa posters to make, and end-of-year-party planning to do. And Other Stuff. Just when I think I might get a breather, something else rolls in. Despite which, I took fifteen minutes and walked me a round mile up to the toppest-most outdoor point on campus. The breeze was a little cool, but there was sunshine! And alone-time! And, hey, exercise!

I think I know what I’m doing wrong with the whole day-job thing. What I should be doing is walking around campus for seven hours, with a fifteen-minute look-in to the office. Maybe I’ll try that, if tomorrow’s sunny, too.

Mail call at home was a postcard from David Mattingly, announcing the joyous arrival of his book The Digital Matte Painting Handbook, which looks yummy for all you digital painters out there.

For the rest of it — the dishes are done, the bread’s just out of the oven, and I’ve stacked some bills into the Easy Pay line. Tonight, I’m getting to bed before eleven o’clock, s’welp me, or I’ll know the reason why. Not I don’t know the reason why I didn’t get to bed before eleven last night or the night before, but you get my drift. I’m still having more problems than joy with the cpap machine. My counselor is supposed to come by tomorrow afternoon (she got snowed out, last week) and bring me a less intrusive mask, which I hope will be less difficult to accommodate.

In the meantime, between the machine and Mozart, I managed to knock the clock off the side table last night and completely bork its timekeeping and its alarm functions. Luckily, I was drifting awake when the clock struck six this morning, and with a little bit of manic rushing around, I go to the day-job on time.

Note to self: Put the clock on higher ground.

I’m chewing on the next scene of George — the start of Chapter Fourteen, featuring the third and trickiest viewpoint character. I have a good start in notes, but this will be a pivotal scene for this character, and I want to be sure it’s strong enough to bear narrative weight.

That? Means I’m goofing off.

What are you doing this evening?

One thought on “Baby, would you eat that there snack cracker in your special outfit for me, please?”

  1. Pardon me for jumping in, but with regard to CPAP masks… For me, moving from an actual mask to a so-called nasal pillow “mask” was a definite improvement.

    Also extremely important for me, and likely things you’re already well aware of, have been the humidifier, filters (the optional “white” filter on my machine, especially), and the mask strap pads I got from

    Good luck!

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