Hey, mother earth, woncha bring me back down, safely to the sea

Got lots of stuff done this weekend. Still got lots of stuff to do. Day-job not high on the list of things to do that seem either useful or remunerative.

Ah, well.

I’m still thinking about the best disposition of the things that fell out of my closet. Yes, when I decide what’s going up to eBay and when, I will let y’all know first.

No echapbooks created today. Maybe tomorrow. As of right now, the Compleat List of electrified, DRM-free chapbooks stands at eleven. Here are the titles:

Allies: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 12
Calamity’s Child
Fellow Travelers: AitLU Number 2
Halfling Moon: AitLU Number 16
Master Walk: Tales of the Advocacy Number One
Misfits: AitLU Number 15
Necessary Evils: AitLU Number 11
Skyblaze: AitLU Number 17
The Cat’s Job
Two Tales of Korval: AitLU Number 1
With Stars Underfoot: AitLU Number 10

The chapbooks are available from:

Barnes and Noble




Progress on the Book Presently known as George
37,038 words/100,000 OR 37.4% complete

School was nothing at all like guesting with Maelin and Wal Ter at Glavda Empri, and sharing their tutors and lessons.

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