And Eidolon Makes Twelve

Eidolon: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number Fourteen has been uploaded to the Nook Store and to the Kindle Store. Look for it tomorrow, late afternoonish, I’d guess.

Today’s mail brings correspondence from the Scranton Claim Office of the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, which has a Chattanooga address. CIGNA imparts the happy news that it is rejecting payment of a bill for ambulance services submitted on our behalf by the Bangor Fire Department, because — wait for it — the Bangor Fire Department is not an approved vendor.

O, rly?

*sees long, acrimonious phone conversation in her very near future*

But, honestly, what can you expect from people who think Scranton’s in Tennessee?

OK, I’m calling it a night.

Stay safe, y’all.

3 thoughts on “And Eidolon Makes Twelve”

  1. Question: Is there a way to have the recent BN and Amazon additions also posted to Webscriptions as I am not an acolyte of neither the Nook nor the Kindle. I have yet to break away from tried and true methods for my e-book consumption to research the ease and reliability of the aps that allow one to read Nooks and Kindles on a pc/laptop/cell phone. With hopeful anticipation and appreciations in advance…

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