She calls me Baby; she calls everybody Baby

Tonight, Steve and I are going to see “The King’s Speech,” possibly the last people on the planet to do so.  We will, I believe, be home before the snow — I believe it’s to start as snow — begins, around midnight, heralding the arrival of what I make to be three solid days of various sorts of precipitation.  This?  Will be fun, considering that the driveway is already a quagmire.

The first year we were in this house, we had a sudden and exceptionally sodden Mud Season.  In fact, we lost a UPS truck in the driveway, when the driver inadvertently backed onto the supersaturated service.  He was able to leap to the safety of the tarmac, but there was no saving the truck.  It’s still under there; occasionally a mud-smeared box or plastic envelope will rise to the surface.  And I must say that the driveway is much more stable in that section.

While I’m here, I want to remind the procrastinators among us — you know who you are — that there’s still time to vote in the Locus Poll for your favorite work of science fiction and fantasy from 2010.  Drop-down boxes helpfully give the titles of those works which appear on the Locus Recommended Reading List; write-in spaces are also provided.

The Locus Poll is a reader poll. Anyone can vote. Please only vote once. Mr. Kelly takes a dim, dim view of “ballot box stuffing.” As he should. If you participate, please also be truthful about your gender. Mr. Kelly has in the past had a difficult time believing that women read SF in numbers.



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