Back on your heads

Did Saturday chores and finally got back with the revisioning of “Intelligent Design.” The back-brain, which has been busily feeding me Cool! Stuff! for George is not appreciative. I have carefully explained that, if we finish the story now, we won’t have to stop working on George until it’s done, but since when does logic weigh with the Boys in the Basement?

I’d meant to get a nap today, but, what with one thing and another, that never happened. Feeling a little loopy, perhaps as a consequence, or as a side-effect of actually doing some work for the first time in more than a week.

Mozart is on my his rocking chair, emitting sleep rays. Hah! I shall foil him by retreating to the kitchen for lunch.

Hope everybody had a fine day and a relaxing evening.

Progress on “Intelligent Design”
8,178 out of 10,000 words OR 81.78% complete

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