Friday, last of a set

It snowed today.  I don’t see an Official Announcement of how much it snowed today, so we’ll do a Quick ‘n Dirty:  From the sole of my boot to the snowline on my jeans, 15 inches.  That’s respectable.  Happily, it, too, is a light and fluffy snow, so the deck and the stairs were easily recoverable.  Unhappily, the plow-guy has not yet been by to do the drive.  Well, perhaps tomorrow.

For today, the bird feeders have been refilled, the cats are working in their various napping places, Steve made us salmon cakes for a late lunch, and now?  It’s time to seek out a late-ish dinner.

This weekend, Steve and I need to brainstorm the short story that’s under commission, but for tonight, I worked on George. I can now say with authority that Chapter 13 is completed — and a long time coming it was. Let us praise Chapter 13 for its patience, interrupted so many times and over so many days.

Progress on The Book Presently Known as George:
31,670 words/100,000 OR 31.67% complete

Syl Vor woke up so completely that he thought for a moment that he hadn’t been asleep at all. He must have been, though — for Thorn curled bonelessly under his chin, making the little half-snore, half-purr sound she only made when she was deeply asleep.

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