There were more than a thousand reeds, springing up like weeds

As advertised elsewhere, Steve and I knocked off early last night and watched The Music Man. It turned into a two-part viewing when the portable-back-up DVD player pitched a fit and stopped working immediately following Harold leaving the library after bedeviling Marian. We brought the disk back to my office and watched the last half on my computer. Handy things, computers.

Who can explain this Netflix over-the-web delivery system to me? I need special equipment for the television, right; if I want to watch movies with my husband couch in the living room? Any guesses how that whole thing is going to play out, now that Netflix has committed to phasing out DVDs, given the sell-out of net neutrality by the FCC?

Absent burning questions of bread and circuses, today was About the Chores. I finished pushing the last of the snow that I could move off the deck — the rest is remanded to solar power. I washed dishes, dusted, did almost all the laundry, took care of the cat boxes and did some work on George.

Steve made French toast for breakfast and salmon cakes for supper. Hmm. I wonder what’s for lunch.

I note, in the spirit of sharing the joy, that the income tax papers from our accountant have arrived. Sigh.

Tomorrow, sadly, is Thursday. Only four more days of winter break left. *wonders where she put the time turner*

Progress on The Book Presently Known as George:
20,008 words/100,000 OR 20.01% complete

“I have to see my mother,” Syl Vor said sternly. “On a matter of importance to us both.”

2 thoughts on “There were more than a thousand reeds, springing up like weeds”

  1. re: netflix streaming

    You need (a) a fairly high speed and reliable internet connection like cable modem and (b) a piece of hardware that can hook up to your tv. Tivos and some blue ray / dvd players can stream it, or a computer with hdmi or component output.

    Love your books – now I have to go remember who Syl Vor is. Hopefully I can manage to keep reading my library books (seven due in two weeks with no renewals – eep) instead of rereading all the Liad books.

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