Bookkeeping is apparently shipping The Agent Gambit a little ahead of its January 4 release date.  Amazon is also now receiving reader reviews.

On the subject of reviews, if you have read Carousel Tides or Mouse and Dragon (or any of the books that came out in 2010, actually), please consider sharing your reactions with other readers on Amazon, BN, Goodreads, or the social reading site of your preference.

I thought I had done this, but can’t find the entry, so!  Better twice than never, as the saying goes.

Publication list for Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, 2011

January 4, 2011The Agent Gambit

February 2, 2011Skyblaze

May 3, 2011Korval’s Game  and Longeye

July 5, 2011Saltation

August 1, 2011:  Short story TBA

August 2, 2011Ghost Ship

September 6, 2011The Crystal Variation

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