Saturday at the word farm

Thanks to everyone who has let me know, in LJ and in email, about the Imminent Arrival of a Girl Genius text novel. It looks very exciting!

Also, thanks to everyone who voted in the Goodreads poll. Remember that voting continues through the end of December. Tell your friends, so that they can vote for their favorite works, too!

This morning I slept in, which was unexpected, but apparently needed. Still working on the “rest” concept.  The rest of the day was taken up with such frivolities as cleaning and laundry and banking and catching up business correspondence.  More of the same tomorrow, I fear.

Despite the above, I did sit down a few minutes with George today, to what I flatter myself  is good effect.

Progress on The Book Presently Known as George:
5,000 words/100,000 OR 5% complete

“We have been twice fortunate,” he continued, when the pipe was going to his satisfaction.  “Will we be three times unfortunate?”

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