In which yr hmbl narrator is mighty

I have started sketching in Teh Shiny.

I have Committed Bookkeeping.

I have made reservations for Saturday dinner.

I have committed a poster that is too Radical to be used for its intended purpose (sigh).

Truly.  Yes, TRULY I am mighty.

I am mentioning right now, because I have rocks for brains and forgot to do so before now:  Y’all remember that David Mattingly does make a limited number of prints of his cover art available for sale?  And very reasonably, too?  So, if you’re loving the art for Ghost Ship as much as we do around the Cat Farm, get thee to David’s bio page, click on the email link at the bottom and open negotiations.

It is raining in Central Maine; a condition that is projected to last for the next day or so.

I think I may go to bed early.  It’s hard work, being mighty.

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