Five things make a post

1. Dinner last night at the Riverside Cafe was lovely.  I had spinach and garlic ravioli; Steve had a haddock fillet the size of Montana.  There was good music, the promise of more, and! there was dessert!

2.  I have today performed Marvels, and thereby retired the backlog of House bookkeeping.  All that remains is the SRM bookkeeping, in the fine tradition of saving the best for last.  This means — anybody?  Yes, you there with the purple hair?  Exactly, thank you!  It means that I’m behind on my email.

3.  I need three books, and Miller Library has them all on the shelf.  Have I mentioned lately how very much I like working inside of a library?

4.  The reading lamp in the living room died this morning.  This is not convenient.

5.  My cold has graduated from sandpaper throat to sneeze-and-drip.  Begone cold!  I have no time for this!

Yeah, like that’ll work…

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