No le gusta caminar; no puede montar a caballo

And today ends the 19-day write-a-thon.

Of those 19 days, I took three days “off,” by which I mean I didn’t write down any words for Ghost Ship.  On July 27, I had 45,380 words in manuscript, today at the end of my brain I have 73,441, for a net gain of 28,061.  Only 21,342 were Brand New Words; the other 6,719 were words previously written, excised, and retrofitted into the new manuscript.  So, that averages 1,334 words, or a little over five pages, a day.

I’d feel a little better if those were finished words/pages, but this one’s going to need a lot of editing.

All that said, I have, I think, five more scenes to write; I know what they are and their basic shape, and! the day-job is still on the two-day-a-week schedule until August 30, so I still have nine more full days available to me before the perfessers realize that Admin actually is going to make them teach in the fall and all hell breaks loose.

It’s gonna be tight, but I think I can meet the extended deadline.

It’s also gonna be a little rough on the perfessers because Secretary Brain is a far different beast than Writer Brain, and I can’t afford to turn Writer Brain off right now.  Hopefully, all faculty will be enjoying their last weeks of freedom at the pool, or in the archives, or wherever it is that they’re happiest, and won’t be on the hall.

In other news — Does Starbucks really insist that you speak Starbucks Speak  in their cafes or risk not getting served and having the police called on you?  I don’t do Starbucks much, but I’m thinking it’s time to start calling a Small a Small.

And! A group of guy perfessers discover that leaving your devices behind and just living in the moment may be good for your brain.

I hope everyone has a pleasant evening.

Progress on Ghost Ship

73,441 words/100,000 OR 73.44% completed

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