How I spent my holiday weekend, so far

Steve and I spent all day, from early to late Saturday and from early until now Sunday signing, packing and labeling subscriber copies of Saltation.  I can report with confidence at this moment that hundreds and hundreds of books will go into the mail on Tuesday.  That only leaves hundreds and hundreds left to process, but, hey, progress — and a huge shout-out and Thank you! to Amy Cryway, who packed books like a mad, packing thing.

In other news, The Leewit has a new skin:

Carousel Tides skin for The Leewit

…which looks Much Classier in person than it does in the photo.  Man, that is a cool cover!

Also!  Watch this space for Teh Shiney, promised earlier in the week, and brought to you with the connivance and assistance of long-time Friend of Liad Mike Barker, Heather Massey of The Galaxy Express, and Toni Weisskiopf of Baen Books.  Details follow this evening.  This has been your Distant Early Warning.

And now, Steve is making burgers, and there’s a class of sangria with my name on it by a comfy chair under a tree.

For those who celebrate the Fourth of July, have a comfortable and safe holiday!  For those who don’t celebrate, well — you be safe and comfortable, too; that’s not just for holidays you know.

I’ll be back later.

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