Electric Books and Missing Subscribers

Remember!  You can (and, dare I say, should?) read Liaden Universe® novels and stories, as well as other works by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, and by Sharon Lee on your ereader.  These electric books are available directly from Baen Webscriptions.

Yes, you can read Webscriptions ebooks on your Kindle, and on your Ipad.

Saltation subscribers, take note! There is a list of people who are in danger of not receiving their books here.  Please take a moment to check this list for your name, or the name of a friend or loved one.  If your name does appear on the list, instructions for mending that problem are at the top of the entry.

Steve and I are still signing books.  Once again — this is a lengthy process.  Please don’t write to me and ask if your book has been mailed — at this point, the answer is “no.”  Also, I don’t know when your book will be mailed.

If you wrote to Mr. Raun to ask if your name was in the database and received a negative answer from him, writing to me will not produce a positive answer.  We are using the same database.

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