Sure, I wasn’t there; I swear I have an alibi

Yeah, I’ve been listening to a lot of Gaelic Storm this week.  Whatever gets you through, says I.

It was a long week.  How long, you ask?  So long that Friday came twice; once, yesterday, for a few fickle hours, then again, for keeps, today.  The problem of whether the weekend will be similarly long, I leave as an exercise for the student.

Steve and I are tentatively scheduled to use at least part of the weekend in a drive southward.  I will take the new camera and practice view-finder-less photography, which ought to be exciting.

Our trip to Florida in May is starting to look scarily close.  With the help of our intrepid, not to say fearless, con liaison, we’ve confirmed our hotel room, nailed down a car rental, perused the information she sent us and now have a loose idea of what sites we’ll be looking to see.  Pirate Dinner Theater reservations are in hand (yes!).  I’ve started to make a list of things that must go south with us, including my floppy hat, sunscreen, The Leewit, Haysus, various charging cords, Oglethorpe…

[Ooh!  Steve just came in and showed me a slide of the spaceship on the dunes that he took during our honeytrip to Hatteras Village, back in…1977?  That sounds like it was so long ago.  Very cool house, though.  I wonder if it survived the several Bad Storms that have been through the area since. ]

So! Who’s going on vacation this year?  Where?  Can summer come soon enough?

One thought on “Sure, I wasn’t there; I swear I have an alibi”

  1. I’m booked on a week trip (escorted tour) to the Canadian Rockies for the 1st week in June! It costs almost as much as my 2 week trip to Turkey last year but I got almost free airfare then. (sigh)

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