Because we never, ever do anything nice and easy

As reported in these pages yesterday, we had received word that an  “inventory transfer order” had been sent to the Simon and Schuster warehouse, which was the first step in the journey of 1200 subscriber-sponsored Saltations to Maine.
Today, the warehouse called Baen with the information that there are not enough — not nearly enough — books in the warehouse to cover that transfer of inventory.

In fact, the first hardcover run of Saltation appears to have sold out — in just two weeks.

Baen is immediately going back to print.  But!  That means we need to ask those who pre-ordered to be patient. . .some while longer.  We apologize, but this is something that is completely out of our control — mid-list genre books just don’t sell out in two weeks.

There are a few — a very few books that were in the pipeline when the transfer order went out, and which are coming to Maine.  They count in dozens; not nearly enough to fill the orders outstanding.

We will keep you informed, as we’re informed.

In the meantime — thank you for your patience and for your on-going support.

We love you guys.

Sharon and Steve

4 thoughts on “Because we never, ever do anything nice and easy”

  1. email addy on my donation was lists at otcreations which is now defunct.

    Since things are up in the air at the moment at my house and I may be moving soon, please put me on the list of getting my book after the restock.

    But great news/congrats on the instant need to reprint!



  2. Oh, well time life happens and it is about you two got the sales recognition you have long deserved.

  3. Actually that’s GREAT news! I have my Baen download so I can wait for a hardcopy and I’m delighted by the news! WTG guys!!

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