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Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 2
Trade Paperback

--Art by Stephen Hickman
–Art by Stephen Hickman

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Carousel Sun (Book Two in the Carousel Series)
Trade paperback

--Art by Eric Williams
–Art by Eric Williams

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Necessity’s Child
Mass Market

--Art by David Mattingly
–Art by David Mattingly

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Trade Secret
Mass Market

Trade Secret cover.  Art by Sam Kennedy

–Art by Sam Kennedy

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Also available as an ebook from |Baen eBooks|
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8 thoughts on “New in 2014”

  1. Hope Carousel Sun is coming out on Audible also, I’ve just about worn down the 1s and 0s on Carousel Tide waiting for the sequel.

  2. Well, about that. . .

    Turns out there was an administrative error somewhere between Baen and Audible. It’s in the process of Being Worked Out as we type. Best guess at this point is: There will be an audiobook, but it will be released sometime after the paper book comes out in February. When I hear something more, I’ll post particulars.

  3. Just finished reading Carousel Sun. Absolutely Fabulous!!! Can’t wait for Carousel Tides. 🙂 And the next Liaden book would be great too. Been a fan of those for about 25 years now really glad the series has expanded so much.

  4. I could add to the chorus of folks anxious to see more of their favorite characters. For example, I hope to someday see satisfactory resolution of certain unresolved story-lines (e.g. Jethri’s) as well as certain open questions in those story lines (e.g. his relationship with the twins, and one twin in particular). I also confess to lots of angst over Theo’s mom and am pleased that will get resolved. Funny that, since I was not sure I would like the Theo story line (I do).

    In any case, I just wanted to pay you a compliment that is not book-specific.

    I have 4 jobs. I am a full-time federal trial attorney and an Army reservist. I teach at a law school, and I write legal books. I also have 4 young kids at home. My time is (obviously) busy. My escape to sci-fi is my one spot of “me-time” each day. Here is the compliment: I read, on average, about 300-350 books a year. After discovering the Liaden universe at my library, I was so interested/drawn-in that I immediately abandoned my investment in the Nook (on which I already had over a hundred books) and switched to the Kindle. I made this switch PURELY because Amazon was doing a better job of getting these Liaden books into my hands in e-format. 14 months along, I now have all of your ebooks and I am totally happy with my decision. You both repay my investment with each new book. Please keep up the good work.


  5. I also love all the Liaden novels and am eagerly awaiting news of Daav and Aiellana. A tip for you Nook owners, the publisher, Baen, sells digital copies of all the titles not carried by Barnes and Noble. You download them to your computer and then copy them onto the Nook under “my files”.

  6. So much going on in the liaden universe so many beautifully interwoven characters theo and win ton and the future of bechimo, daav and allie, surebleak and clan Korval. All that has happened up to now seems to be just the starting point of what will be some of the most interesting plot lines yet to be written in the universe. I will be eagerly awaiting further stories.

  7. I would love to know if there are any plans to release more of the Liaden books in e-book format? I’m dying for a copy of Scout’s Progress!!

  8. Errr…All of the Liaden books to date are available as ebooks. You can get them from BN/Amazon/Apple/Whatever, though I think they only have the omnibus editions. If it’s only Scout’s Progress you’re interested in, your best bet is to download it from Baen. Here’s the link.

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