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Upcoming in 2013


Necessity’s Child, hardcover and audiobook

Art by David Mattingly





             Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore

             Barnes and Noble








A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume One,
trade paperback

(despite what it says on the cover, this is a collection of 17 Liaden Universe® short stories)

Art by Stephen Hickman




Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore

Barnes and Noble






Dragonwriter: A Tribute to Anne McCaffrey and Pern

Dragonwriter art by Michael Whelan
Dragonwriter art
by Michael Whelan








SmartPop Books








Dragon Ship (mass market)

Dragon Ship art by David Mattingly
Dragon Ship art
by David Mattingly



Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore

Barnes and Noble










Trade Secret, hardcover and audiobook

Trade Secret art by Sam Kennedy
Trade Secret art
by Sam Kennedy



Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore

Barnes and Noble



16 thoughts on “New in 2013”

  1. Glad to see Uncle Hugo’s listed first on your links! It is where I first discovered your books, thanks to Scott Ames (wish he hadn’t passed on).

  2. A few years ago I bought Liaden Universe Companion Volumes One and Two from SRM Publisher, which had a bunch of short stories from the Liaden Universe in them. Stories like how Val Con and Edger slayed a dragon, how Ren Zel’s first marriage went and became clanless, etcetera.

    Will this new release, A Liaden Universe Constellation, contain the same short stories as those original 2 volumes? Or different stories?

  3. Smeech — Yes.

    Or — LUC #1 collected the contents of the Adventures in the Liaden Universe(R) chapbooks 1-5 PLUS “The King of the Cats”. LUC #2 collected the contents of AitLU chapbooks 6-10 PLUS “Sweet Waters.”

    The Baen Constellations collect all of the above EXCEPT “King of the Cats,” AND the stories in AitLU chapbooks 7-17.

    For a list of the chapbooks and the stories therein, go here:

  4. Yes, of course. Through Baen in all formats known to man, and from Amazon, the Apple Store, and Blio, in whatever format each of those vendors favors. All are DRM-free.

  5. I have a hard copy of “Sword of Orion”, but there is no ebook copy. Are there any plans in that regard? Also – were any sequels planned? I’m guessing that maybe there were since I think it was book 1 or something, but maybe plans fell through? just wishfully thinking. I know you’re plenty busy with other projects now.
    Thanks for hours of happy reading:)

  6. We do not own any rights to Sword of Orion — it was written as a work for hire. The company that hired us folded up its tent like an Ayrab and silently stole away, so — no sequels, no ebook, no recourse.

    I’m sorry; many disappointed readers have written to us over the years, asking for more.

  7. That is disappointing. Oh, well. I’m still quite happy imagining I’m living in the Liaden universe.
    Especially sitting here at my desk in the office (playing while the lawyer is away)!

  8. I was wondering if there will be an E-Arc for Trade Secret earlier than November. I hate waiting!

  9. Earcs and the timing thereof lie squarely within Management’s honors. Which is to say, we usually hear from a watchful fan that an Earc has appeared.

    That said, we were very late handing the book in, which means that, instead of being neatly scheduled for editing and suchlike, it needs to be worked in around other books that were handed in by authors who were *not* late. I have seen that Baen *intends* an Earc, but see above, re: late.

  10. Well, I’m sure it will be worth the wait, she said loyally. I’ll keep an eye out at the Baen site and let you know when/if I see it.

  11. I just finished your latest book “Trade Secret”. Where does it fall on the timeline relative to the Daav/Theo stories? (I looked, but I had trouble figuring it out. The inclusion of Uncle does not help much since he is so long-lived….) Thanks so much for the hours of enjoyment and I’m looking forward to your next endeavor!

  12. Sharon, admire the way you answer emails directed to you – both promptly and with actual information. Thank you for that. Unfortunately I have already read all of the books you and Steve have written so have to wait. The other author I have to wait on is David Weber. However I am very aware of the effort required to write a book so will just say Thank You for your efforts.

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