We interrupt this writing blog for a Very Important Announcement

We here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory have taken a very serious step, and decided to fill the fourth slot left empty by Belle’s crossing of the Bridge, last August.

Steve and I had been discussing this step before he passed on, and I shelved it in favor of getting through the next five minutes.

Recently, the matter came up again at a board meeting, and the reasons identified in February still held.  Trooper and Sprite are Elders; Firefly needs somebody to share her energy with.

We have therefore contracted to receive a Maine Coon kitten, photo below.  He will be coming aboard in July, and we’re all very excited.  Or at least I’m very excited.  The other cats are of the opinion that this “kitten” I keep talking to them about is a Plot Point in the WIPnovel.

The kitten’s name is Rook, and already there’s a Story about him.

As I was considering the issue of a name, I thought how unfair it is that black cats are so often named for their color.  I decided that I didn’t want to do that; I wanted a good, strong name that reflected sophistication and style.  I mulled names for quite some time until (Steve) suggested Rook.  For those who don’t know, a rook is a powerful and flexible chess piece, and of course Steve had been a chess player all his life.


I liked it.

More, I liked that it came with the nickname “Rookie,” which he certainly will be.

So, there I was, armed with a name of something that could be either black or white, chosen for its inherent virtue.  Very proud of myself, was I.

I remained proud of myself right up until my talk with the breeder this afternoon, where I shared with her my choice of name.

She immediately said, “Oh!  I like that!  I know what a rook is — it’s an English crow!” — and I realized that I had been foiled.

Regardless, Rook he shall remain, and I hope to add many Stories to this, his first.

21 thoughts on “We interrupt this writing blog for a Very Important Announcement”

  1. Wonderful kitten, wonderful name, and I hope the Senior Cats and the Older Junior will agree. It is appropriate that a name have more than one meaning.

  2. Rook is quite beautiful. I sincerely hope FIREFLY welcomes him and teaches him all about the Elders and The One Who Feeds them all. Not many folks will know the English meaning of ROOK so ignore her comment.

  3. Sending hopes that Rook’s entry to the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory goes well.
    I first remember the English definition of birds named ‘rook’ from Dorothy Sayers’ Peter Wimsey “Nine Tailors” mystery. The rector’s wife gives him a wide-brimmed hat, since ‘the rooks are nesting,’ or sommat.
    We are currently caretakers of our 3rd black cat, a house-panther named Pepper (her tortie sister is Spice)

  4. Appropriately, not only have you been foiled, you’ve been rooked! I’m not sure if Edger’s quote of “a name rich in vibrations” means anything like Aelliana’s excitement about the layered meanings of The Repair Shop to repair your hunger, but you have achieved a magnificently perfect name: it means all that you meant, plus the meaning you didn’t mean to include, AND it’s self-referential that its other meaning means what happened: it rooked you.

  5. Oops, and I neglected to say what an off-the-charts attractive li’l guy you have there! Will he grow up to rival The Most Beautiful Cat In The World? (That’s Firefly, in my opinion. I never told you, because I’m that jealous) He might!

  6. He’s lovely. Rooks are very clever and quite mischievous birds so he’ll probably live up to the name.

  7. He’s gorgeous! Also, nothing tickles me more when reading than when I find a word or phrase with multiple layers of meaning. As a lifelong lover of English fantasy, children’s or otherwise (Susan Cooper, L. M. Boston, Tolkien), rook is a familiar term both as a game piece and a bird that provides atmosphere or even moves a plot along.

  8. Purrfect kitten.
    Ribbon Dance arrived in time for my birthday. I am currently devouring it. A superb book, as is usual from your pen. Many thanks for my current hours of enjoyment.

  9. How did I miss this post? I am overwhelmed by the cuteness of this li’l guy. I’m sure he’ll bring joy along with energy. What a wonderful new housemate!

  10. Names are tough. I had to resort to consulting other languages for my new kitten, otherwise she would have gotten a sentence instead of something short and pointed I could yell down the hall at 3am–consonant weaponizing is it’s own art–but perhaps I am the only cat owner with this necessity..

    Rook is a beauty. Congratulations.

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