At the risk of repeating myself — it’s raining.  To be fair, this is the first time that it’s rained in, oh, four or five days, and I find it exceedingly unfair that I was once again held hostage by back pain, and so missed being out in the beautiful weather.  Today, of course, my back feels fine.

As a result of on-going back problems, writing has slowed.  I did get some actual work done yesterday, and am hoping for the same today — and even tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the bouts of bad-backness have been messing with The Schedule, and The Schedule is kind of crucial to getting things done around here.  Say what you will about hobgoblins and tiny minds, Habit is a Force and, properly managed, even a Force for Good, in which Good equals keeping on keeping on.  So, will be trying to get back on Schedule, this weekend, as well.

Regarding those few fine days, I present to you — flowers!  from Maine.  The little blue ones are, appropriately enough, called glory-of-the-snow (reminding us that April snow in Maine isn’t all that unusual); and the tall soldier is my very first daffodil.

3 thoughts on “Sixty”

  1. Can’t have enough nice flowers in our world – regardless of where the world is. When we can keep on with that keeping on, it’s so nice to be able to rely on habitual momentum when we don’t have the extra gas in our tank.

  2. Pretty flowers. Colds, flus, and bad back issues know no timetable. Wishing you some relief from the stress.

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