Books read in 2023

70  Blackthorn Winter, Liz Williams (Fallow Sisters #2) (e)
69  Comet Weather, Liz Williams (Fallow Sisters #1) (e)
68  System Collapse, Martha Wells (Murderbot Diaries #7) (e)
67  Defiance, Cherryh and Fancher (Foreigner #22) (read aloud w/Steve)
66  The Marquis Who Mustn’t, Courtney Milan (Wedgeford Trials #2) (e)
65  Viviana Valentine Gets Her Man, Emily J. Edwards ( A Girl Friday #1) (e)
64  The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes, Cat Sebastian (London Highwayman2) (e)
63  The Queer Principles of Kit Webb, Cat Sebastian (London Highwayman #1) (e)
62  A Night in the Lonesome October, Roger Zelazny (re-re-&c-read aloud w/Steve)
61  Resonance Surge, Nalini Singh (Psy-Changeling Trinity #7) (e)
60  Roses in Amber, C.E. Murphy (e)
59  Wintergate, C.E. Murphy (e)
58  One in Vermillion, Jennifer Crusie, Bob Mayer (Liz Danger #3) (e)
57  Good Neighbors, Stephanie Burgis (e)
56  Rest in Pink, Jennifer Crusie, Bob Mayer (Liz Danger #2) (e)
55  Winter Gifts, Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London-adjacent) (e)
54  A Memory Called Empire, Arkady Martine (Teixcalaan #1) (e)
53  A Gentleman’s Guide to Seducing a Scoundrel, KJ Charles (Doomsdays #2) (e)
52  Witchy Eye, DJ Butler (Witchy War Series 1) (e)
51  Royal Tea Service, Casey Blair (Tea Princess Chronicles #3) (e)
50  A Christmas Like No Otter, Zoe Chant (Virtue Shifters #4) (e)
49  “Compulsion,” A Murderbot short story, Martha Wells (re-read) (e)
48  The Wizard’s Butler, Nathan Lowell (Wizard’s Butler #1?) (e)
47  Tea Set and Match, Casey Blair (Tea Princess Chronicles #2) (e)
46  A Coup of Tea, Casey Blair (Tea Princess Chronicles #1) (e)
45  Let’s Go for Broke, Mary Lasswell (re-read) (e)
44  The Salt-Black Tree, Lilith Saintcrow (The Dead God’s Heart #2) (e)
43  Lavender’s Blue, Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer (Liz Danger #1) (e)
42  The Talisman Ring, Georgette Heyer (re-re-&-read) (e)
41  Cotillion, Georgette Heyer (re-re-&-read) (e)
40  Black Sheep, Georgette Heyer (re-re-&-read) (e)
39  A Tempest at Sea, Sherry Thomas (Lady Sherlock #7) (e)
38  The Warrior’s Apprentice, Lois McMaster Bujold (re-read) (e)
37  Nimona, ND Stevenson (graphic novel)
36  A Queer Trade, KJ Charles (A Charm of Magpies World #2) (e)
35  Rag and Bone, KJ Charles (A Charm of Magpies World #3) (e)
34  Jackdaw, KJ Charles (A Charm of Magpies World #1) (e)
33  The Grand Sophy, Georgette Heyer (re-re-&-read) (e)
32  Spring’s Arcana, Lilith Saintcrow (The Dead God’s Heart #1) (e)
31  Emily of New Moon, L.M. Montgomery (e)
30  Witch King, Martha Wells (e)
29  This Immortal, Roger Zelazny (re-read) (e)
28  God Stalk, P.C. Hodgell (re-read) (e)
27  The Fair Miss Fortune, D.E. Stevenson (e)
26  Who Cries for the Lost, C.S. Harris (Sebastian St. Cyr #18) (e)
25  Charlie All Night, Jennifer Crusie (re-read) (e)
24  A House With Good Bones, T. Kingfisher (e)
23  The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting, KJ Charles (re-read) (e)
22  Like a Thief in the Night, KJ Charles (e)
21  Hellspark, Janet Kagan (re-re-re-&c-read) (e)
20  The Soulmate Equation, Christina Lauren (e)
19  Artfully Yours, Joanna Lowell (e)
18  Bridge of Birds, Barry Hughart (re-re-&c-read) (e)
17  The Magician’s Daughter, H.G. Parry (e)
16  The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen, KJ Charles (Doomsday #1) (e)
15  A Conspiracy of Truths, Alexandra Rowland (e)
14  A Tangled Web, Lucy Maud Montgomery (e)
13  Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Winifred Watson (re-re-re-&c-read) (e)
12  It Takes Two to Tumble, Cat Sebastian, (The Sedgewicks #1) (e)
11  Faking It, Jennifer Crusie (e) re-read
10  Getting Rid of Bradley, Jennifer Crusie (e) re-read
9   Spinning Silver, Naomi Novik (e) re-read
8   Masters in this Hall, K.J. Charles (Lilywhite Boys) (e)
7   Storm Echo, Nalini Singh (Psy-Changeling Trinity Book 6) (e)
6   Magic for Marigold, L.M. Montgomery (e)
5   The Harbors of the Sun, Martha Wells (Raksura #5) (e)
4   The Edge of the World, Martha Wells  (Raksura #4) (e)
3   The Blue Castle, L.M. Montgomery (e)
2   The Raven Tower, Ann Leckie (e)
1   Salvage Right, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller (Liaden Universe® 25) (unedited manuscript) (e)

3 thoughts on “Books read in 2023”

  1. In reading Be Welcome in My Home you mention Trade Lanes being turned in November 2023. Is it being moved to publish after Ribbon Dance? I look forward to further Jethri adventures. No pressure just curious.

  2. Thanks for the fast response. Hope you and Steve have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

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