You input is needed!

Attention Friends of Liad, and all the ships in space …

In a few weeks Lee and Miller will be the Writer Guests of Honor at Heliosphere — we hope you’ll be there!

What’s planned? A signing, a reading, some panels … and more. We expect to have a version of a “Teddy Bear Tea” for all the traveling stuffies, too — but now the hard part: We have to decide what we’re going to read at the Lee and Miller reading!

Why is this hard, you ask? Because we only have about six million words to choose from in the Liaden stories alone, and the reading’s going to be around an hour long. We’ve already made one decision — we’ll read from the Liaden Universe® rather than from our other stories….

So, friends and fans planning on being there, what would you prefer? Should we read an entire single story? Should we offer a kind of long teaser from the latest? Should we offer a “good bits” selection? And — would you prefer to have a chance at a Q&A after, or should the time be as filled as possible with story?

The sooner we know, the sooner we can start picking and practicing …

Steve and Sharon

One thought on “You input is needed!”

  1. Sadly, I cannot attend, and thus have “no skin in the game.” But it occurs to me that it might be appropriate to revisit the early life of the Tree, whether the entire short story “Dragon Tide” or appropriate pieces of Crystal Soldier and Crystal Dragon.

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