Coming Soon to HELIOsphere

HELIOsphere is a mere 18 days in the future, and things are starting to firm up.

Steve and I will be hosting a Friends of Liad Breakfast in the hotel restaurant on Saturday morning, to kick off what looks to be a busy day full of fun.

Saturday’s programming will include the Writer Guest of Honor interview — Sharon Lee and Steve Miller chatting with Kathryn Sullivan.

A little later in the day, we’ll be sitting down with Artist Guest of Honor David B. Mattingly to discuss whatever seems good to us — art, maybe?  Cats, definitely.  Michael Ventrella will facilitate that discussion.

Then!  The Teddy Bear Tea in the hotel garden, where all the traveling stuffies get a chance to talk among themselves, and their humans can tell their stories to the other humans.

Saturday festivities wrap up with a mass signing — All Attending Authors Together in one place, pens in hands.  Who can beat that?

In addition, Steve and I will be reading “The Space at Tinsori Light” — time and place of reading TBA.

Sound like a good time?  You can be part of it.  Here’s the link to everything you need to know.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon to HELIOsphere”

  1. We will be there, glad to have a general idea of where you will be when. Will definitely be there for breakfast and looking forward to lunch with assorted friends as well. Think all 4 of us will be there.

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