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  1. Is this a hard back or trade paper back? Sorry if this is a silly question.
    I am trying to have all your books in hard back in my library. I currently have purchased 17 in hardback all the rest in either paperback or e-books. When I started buying them you could only get Korval’s game as an e-book. I didn’t discover your writing until I read Fledgling. I want them in hardback as I reread so much paper backs wear out

  2. Neither. It’s a mass market (that’s what the MM means). Apparently the economics of producing hardcovers has changed drastically over latter years, what with ebooks and shrinking library budgets and rising paper costs.

    Local Custom and Scout’s Progress suffered from a Failure of Vision on the part of their original publisher, who said to us, “Nobody’s going to buy those side books.” Believing this, he did a short hardcover run of an original omnibus. He also did a slightly not-so-short run of tradepapers, which sold out in two weeks, had to reprint and realized that he would have made BUCKETS of money if he had given each book its own hardback edition.

    The Liaden books that have never had a single hardcover edition are: Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, Carpe Diem, Local Custom, Scout’s Progress.

  3. I liked the eye candy….loved that the name of the ship is displayed …this is probably my fav story. I’ve read nearly all n the short stories also. This should do very well in this smaller format easy for travelers to pick up at the airport. That’s how I got started reading SF.

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