Cancer Update

Up at oghod o’clock and on the road to the Cancer Center for the second year anniversary of my mastectomy.  Cutting to the chase, the surgeon expresses great personal pleasure in the present state of my health.  I have one more hoop to jump through — a mammogram, in August.  If nothing concerning shows up, I will graduate from every six month appointments to every year.

So, metaphoric fingers crossed for good results in August, which is basically what you want from a mammogram, anyway, so no surprises there.

After my visit with the surgeon, Steve drove us to Ellsworth to drop off a clock for repair and cleaning, and we wandered home via Surry and East Blue Hill Village (yeah, not really on the way home, but you can get here from there), stopping at the Lion’s Den in Waterville to have a celebratory lunch.

We’re home now, the coon cats have been brought up to date, and I’m thinking maybe to top off the day by watching a movie.

Work does continue on SALVAGE RIGHT, which right now stands at just a smidge over 71,000 words.

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