Saturday after the storm

So, yesterday it snowed.  I believe we got at least the five inches the weatherbeans had been predicting.  On Thursday, we had large swathes of grass showing in the back yard.  This morning, we have an even cover of white.

The other Big News yesterday, aside the snowstorm and that I won at Scrabble, is that Steve read the first 25,000 words of Salvage Right — this being the Edition that includes all the details that were previously only in my head, and picks up some of that timekeeping I was talking about — and pronounces it Good.

So, we continue.  My job today is to read those 25,000 words, and sketching in a blueprint to likewise expand Section Two, so that next week I can get down inside the interstitials and start hooking up the plumbing and the electricity.

For those wondering after turn-in and publication dates, we are talking with Madame, and may have a schedule to share — soonish.

To review:  Steve is working on Trade Lanes, the sequel to May’s upcoming Fair Trade.  I am working on Salvage Right, set on Tinsori Light.  A third Liaden novel, as yet untitled and only vaguely considered, will finish out the current contract, referred to in-house as The Triple Threat Contract.

Aside taking Trooper to the vet for his annual physical next Wednesday, I’ve got nothing on the calendar until the Cancer Center again intrudes on my life, on March 17, the two-year anniversary of my mastectomy.  I’m looking forward to getting some solid work done before then.

. . . and I think that catches us all up.

Everybody stay safe.  Tell the people you care about that you love them.



4 thoughts on “Saturday after the storm”

  1. Blessings and prayers for your 2 year mark. When I had my two year exam I started to think I might be a survivor. My oncologist set my odds of living more than 18 months at 33%. That was in 1983. Ovarian not breast but cancer is cancer. Terrifying. Stay busy. Stay positive. Visualize good cells. All things my sister who was my biggest cheerleader said to me. She was a nurse back then. I’m sending you positive vibes and prayers. (OK, yes, I’m new ageish in my beliefs. A few pink and amethyst crystals never hurt anyone.) Nor did raising the white light and praying. My 18 months became 39 years and counting…

  2. Your creativity, your vibrant thought process, will get you through this! 2 years….you’ve got this!

  3. Sharon – thank you. Thank you for sharing your journey. Thank you for being honest – it IS courage, you know – to share. Thank you for preserving in the face, for insisting on telling us of the lives in The Liad universe – people we would never know about if not for you. And thank you for fighting. You WILL get through this.

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