Liaden Universe® Constellation Number Five

To all the ships in orbit!
The eARC of Liaden Universe® Constellation Number FIVE is now available from Baen. Here’s your link
Steve is going over the galleys of this same volume as I type. If you are of a mind to set up as a Mighty Tyop Hunter, using the eARC as your text, you have a Very Narrow Participation Window.
Tyop Reports must be with Steve no later than noon Eastern USian Time Saturday, October 30 — that’s Next Saturday!
Please send a search string, not a page number, because you are working from an eARC and Steve is working from a PDF.
Tyop Reports sent to! srmATkorvalDOTcom
Tyop Hunters are acknowledged in the book, so be sure to send your name as you would like it to appear in print along with your Tyop Report!
Thanking you in advance!

One thought on “Liaden Universe® Constellation Number Five”

  1. Working backwards through the lot, which I’ve read before, several times each. So far very clean.

    I am truly enjoying this re-re-reread. A slight distance of time from previous reads has given me an even greater appreciation for them all.

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