The Writers Goofing Off

Sunday, May 16 was our first non-medically aligned Electron-Free Day in. . .actually more than a year, and did double duty as a Sharon Practices Driving Day.  Steve and I first drove down to Rockland, so we could take pictures of the harbor and pretty boats at play.  Only…there were no boats at play or at rest.  We walked around the harbor, from the Harbormaster’s Office to Archer’s on the Pier, and back, getting back into the car with cameras barely warm.

It was then we decided to go to Camden Hills State Park and see if the car was up to Climbing Mount Battie.

Short form, it was.  Here are a few photos from a height.

WWI monument Mount Battie
Penobscot Bay from Mount Battie
Close up of sailboat on Penobscot Bay from Mount Battie
Camden from a height
Camden slightly closer
Camden closest of all


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