Moving right along…

So, the side effects from the second Pfizer vaccination had mostly left town by Thursday evening, after a couple of ibuprofen and a lot of cat doctoring during the day.  The lone hold-out was a gnarly sort-of  almost-sinus headache, which was gone when I got up on Friday.

I worked a half-day yesterday, quitting when the headache threatened to come back and spent some time doing cross-stitch, which was something of a revelation.  My fingers are by no means nimble, but I was able to reliably set the stitches, and — more interesting to me, anyway — my fingers, which have been noticeably less stiff and painful since the trial separation from the meds, are, perhaps, even a tiny, tiny bit less stiff this morning.  Will continue with this experiment.

Today being Saturday, there is laundry.  Also desk-cleaning.  And struggling to organize.  The addition of cancer survivorship to the rest of the stuff that typically goes on round here has pushed me from comfortably occupied, to Too Busy And It’s All Important and I’ll Never Get It All Sorted And!


I’d say I needed a personal assistant, but honestly I don’t know what I’d shift over to them, aside talking to the doctors, and I’m pretty sure I’m stuck with that one.

I think we’re all caught up, now.

Everybody stay safe.


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