Books I re-read and Series that I follow(ed)

Over on Facebook a while back, someone asked me to list my “favorite” books.  Problem being that I don’t necessarily have “favorite” books as I do books that I re-read and series that I follow.  So, below, a haphazard list of those titles, in case they might be of use to anyone.  I notice that not very many of them are science fiction , which probably says something about me, but what?

So!  In no order whatsoever, except the order I wrote them down in as I wandered by the bookshelves.

The Privilege of the Sword, Ellen Kushner, a follow to Swordspoint, which I’ve also been known to re-read

Tryst, Elswyth Thane — this is an old book; it has a squick factor for some modern readers so I’m told. Back when I was trying to read the Carney Public Library dry, I read EVERYthing I could find by Elswyth Thane — and there was a lot. I suspect that none of  them have “aged well.”

Spinning Silver, Naomi Novik

Bride of the Rat God, Barbara Hambly

The Bear and the Nightingale, The Girl in the Tower, The Winter Witch, Katharine Alden

The Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison

Swordheart; Paladin’s Grace, Paladin’s Strength, T. Kingfisher — all by the same author, the Paladin books being sequels, though Swordheart takes place in the same world

The Corinna Chapman series by Kerry Greenwood — yes, yes, we all know Phryne.  I actually prefer Corinna.  First book is:  Earthly Delights

The War for the Oaks, Emma Bull

The View from Saturday, E. L. Konigsberg

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld, Patricia McKillip

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Winifred Watson

Miss Buncle’s Book, D.E. Stevenson (do not, for the love of Goddess, read the sequel)

Saratoga Trunk, Edna Ferber

The Hot Rock, Donald E. Westlake — the first Dortmunder book.  The Dortmunder books are hit and miss for me, but I really like this one.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, Grace Lin

Edison’s Eve (non-fiction), Gaby Wood — if you’re interested in automatons, you want to read this book

The Sebastian St. Cyr series by C. S. Harris.  First book is What Angels Fear.

Almost anything by Jennifer Crusie.  Favorites include Agnes and the Hitman, Wild Ride, Getting Rid of Bradley, Anyone but You, Charlie All Night, Faking It, and Fast Women.

Fifth Life of the Cat Woman, Kathleen Dexter

The Unstrung Harp OR Mr. Earbass Writes a Novel, Edward Gorey

The Queen’s Thief series, Megan Whalen Turner.  The first book is The Thief.  Six books, all worthwhile.  I tend to reread The Queen of Attolia and the King of Attolia more often than any of the others, and I read them as if they were one volume.

The Ghost Bride, Yangsze Choo

Almost anything by Josephine Tey, particularly Bratt Farrar, and The Daughter of Time.

Lately, I’ve been very pleased with KJ Charles.  The Charm of Magpies series might be a good place to start — The Magpie Lord is the first.

CJ Cherryh — favorites include Cuckoo’s Egg, The Paladin, the Chanur series (first book:  The Pride of Chanur), and the Foreigner series (first book:  Foreigner)

Bridge of Birds, Barry Hughart — there are two more in the Master Li and Number Ten Ox series, but I only re-read the first.

The Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries by Dorothy Sayers.  Again, these are old, and I’m told they are distasteful to some modern readers.

Georgette Heyer’s regencies

The Murderbot Diaries, Martha Wells — first book is Systems Red

Terry Pratchett — I am particularly fond of the Death arc.  First book:  Mort

The Weather Warden Series, Rachel Caine.  First book is:  Ill Wind

The Mercy Thompson Series, Patricia Briggs.  First book is Moon Called

The Psy-Changeling Series, Nalini Singh.  First book is Slave to Sensation

. . .and there we are.


14 thoughts on “Books I re-read and Series that I follow(ed)”

  1. What I find most interesting about this list is the fact that more than half are on my list of read and reread as well.

    So thank you very much for a curated list of new favorites!

  2. Since many of these are on my permanent rereading list also, as above, many thanks for new books to look for!

  3. I love Bridge of Birds and seldom meet anyone who knows it.

    Have you read Tea with the Black Dragon?

  4. I love that you have Tey and Sayers on the list. Miss Buncles Book is an all time favorite, also The Foreigner series.

  5. I see from the comments I am not the only person to share your tastes. Have you read Heyer’s mysteries? I enjoy the murder mystery asect, and many of the characters are as charming as the regency characters.

  6. Have you considered Michelle Sagara, Elizabeth Moon, Julie E Czernada as authors to investigate?

  7. I loved Tryst and think the Williamsburg series by Elswyth Thane has aged pretty well. I am so glad you introduced me to C. S. Harris. Loving Heyer as you do have you read Mary Balogh or Joan Wolf regencies. I reread you, Michelle Sagara West, Anne McCaffrey and Linda Howard the most. I also loved the Margaret Wells book and there is suppose to be a new one out in April.

  8. “The Dortmunder books are hit and miss for me, but I really like [The Hot Rock].”

    Hit or miss for me too, but The Hot Rock is wonderful. My personal favorite is still What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

    These COVID days have caused me to burn through my entire supply of comfort reading. Have you by any chance ever read any of the Miss Seeton novels of Heron Carvic? (Don’t bother with any of the later authors who took over the series.)

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