Books read in 2020

55  Charlie All Night, Jennifer Crusie (read aloud w/Steve)
54  Paladin’s Grace, T. Kingfisher (e)
53  Wolf Rain, Nalini Singh (read aloud w/Steve)
52  Slippery Creatures, KJ, Charles (e)
51  Star Rogue, Susan Grant (e)
50  The Black Mountain, Rex Stout (re-read) (e)
49  The League of Frightened Men, Rex Stout (read aloud w/Steve)
48  The Trouble with Jenny’s Ear, Oliver Butterworth (re-read)
47  Tooner Schooner, Mary Lasswell (re-read) (e)
46  Fer-de-Lance, Rex Stout (read aloud w/Steve, re-read for me; first time for him)
45  Lake Silence, Anne Bishop
44  Getting Rid of Bradley, Jennifer Crusie (read aloud w/Steve, re-read for me; first time for him)
43  Mort, Terry Pratchett (re-read) (e)
42  Network Effect, Martha Wells (e)
41  Lord and Ladies, Terry Pratchett (read aloud w/Steve, re-read for both)
40 Trouble in Triplicate, Rex Stout (e)
39 The Outlaws of Sherwood, Robin McKinley (e)
38 Agnes and the Hitman, Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer (re-read aloud w/Steve, because Steve had a Notion about alligators, specifically Moot; the Talmadge Bridge, and Savannah in general)
37 Warprize, Elizabeth Vaughan (e)
36 Who Speaks for the Damned, C.S. Harris
35 Don’t Look Down, Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer (read aloud w/Steve)
34 Blood and Circuses, Kerry Greenwood
33 The Cat Who Came to Breakfast, Lilian Jackson Braun (Steve read to me)
32 One Fell Sweep, Ilona Andrews (e)
31 Sweep in Peace, Ilona Andrews (e)
30 Clean Sweep, Ilona Andrews (e)
29 Getting Rid of Bradley, Jennifer Crusie (e)
28 Raven Heart, Murphy Lawless (e)
27 Iron Kissed, Patricia Briggs (re-read)
26 The Cat Who Said Cheese, Lilian Jackson Braun (Steve read to me)
25 Blood Bound, Patricia Briggs (re-read)
24 Moon Called, Patricia Briggs (re-re-read)
23 War for the Oaks, Emma Bull (re-re-re-re-&c read)
22 The Widow of Rose House, Diana Bill (e)
21 False Value, Ben Aaronovitch
20 Charity Girl, Georgette Heyer (read aloud w/Steve re-read for both)
19 Minor Mage, T. Kingfisher (e)
18 The Green Mill Murder, Kerry Greenwood
17 Tell Me Lies, Jennifer Crusie (read aloud with Steve)
16 Murder at the Brightwell, Ashley Weaver
15 Crazy for You, Jennifer Crusie (read aloud with Steve)
14 A Conspiracy of Kings, Megan Whalen Turner
13 The Thief, Megan Whalen Turner (re-read)
12 Ocean Light, Nalini Singh (read aloud with Steve)
11 Nerdy, Shy, and Socially Inappropriate, Cynthia Kim
10 Witches Abroad, Terry Pratchett (read aloud with Steve)
The Kiss Quotient, Helen Hoang (e)
Fall into Spring, Amy Lane (e)
Resurgence, C.J. Cherryh (read aloud with Steve)
2K to 10K: Writing Faster, Writing Better…, Rachel Aaron (e)
Unmasked by the Marquess, Cat Sebastian (e)
Jimmy the Kid, Donald E. Westlake (e)
Wanted, A Gentleman, KJ Charles (e) (read aloud with Steve)
The Book of Atrix Wolfe, Patricia McKillip (e) (re-read)
Proper English, KJ Charles (e)

4 thoughts on “Books read in 2020”

  1. Kind of random. I’m looking for decent books with f/f or at this point I’d take just a bi or lesbian character. Do you recall any from your reading this year? I usually have good luck finding books worth reading in general while snooping through other people’s reading lists and there’s a lot here I’m not familiar with.

  2. Proper English by KJ Charles is f/f with a side of m/m. It was VERY nicely done. The other KJ Charles in the list are m/m — also nicely done, but not what you’re looking for. I have the impression, from nowhere in particular, that nicely done f/f is hard to find.

  3. Nicely done f/f is sparse. It’s got to the point I just read what I read and if there is a happy surprise in there all the better. But it’s occurred to me to ask around more. I’ll add those to my shortlist. Thanks!

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