New Serial Project

Remember when I said, Oh, back in April, that I was tidying up Splinter Universe in preparation for the posting of a Very Long Splinter?

Well, the time has come to start posting.  But before I do, I need to tell you a couple Things, and you need to read them.

Herewith, the Things.  Please do read them.

1  I, Sharon Lee, representing Lee-and-Miller, will be posting the False Start of an actual novel, that novel being Accepting the Lance.  This presents some small amount of difficulty, which will be discussed in. . .

. . .1a  Naturally, those who have not yet read Accepting the Lance are Strongly Cautioned, but!  those who have read Accepting the Lance are also Strongly Cautioned:  Despite its length (approximately 44,000 words) the material to be posted is a SPLINTER; it is NOT CANON. The events in the novel, as published, are canon; the material to be posted is a divertissement, serving perhaps as a small teaching moment regarding how a novel can take a wrong turn.

2  Unlike what was done when we posted Shan and Priscilla Ride Again, I will not be providing author commentary at the end of each chapter.  I will provide a very brief introduction before the first chapter is posted, and a commentary on the whole, after the last section goes live.

3  There are eleven chapters; a chapter will be posted once a week, on Monday, to the Lee-and-Miller Patreon page and to Splinter Universe, as each venue has its adherents.  Pointers to the chapters posted on Welcome to Liad, and this blog, will be to the Splinter Universe page.

4  To start the thing off, I will post the brief introduction on Monday, May 25 (that’s this coming Monday!), for Patreon subscribers, and for fans of Splinter Universe.  The first chapter will be posted on Monday, June 1.

CAVEATS:  A chapter may not post if I am unable to post it.  If that circumstance arises, I will give what warning I can, and the missed chapter will be posted on the following Monday.  I don’t expect this to happen, but the fact is that I still have 13 radiation sessions in front of me, and I’m told that radiation fatigue is cumulative. Which is to say, best to plan for a problem, so that we won’t be taken by surprise if said problem occurs.

2 thoughts on “New Serial Project”

  1. Thank you, Thank you. I am really looking forward to the chapters and really appreciate your sharing. I hope your radiation goes well.

  2. Sharon, best wishes for a great outcome with your treatment. Please rest a lot, don’t get worn down, take care of you. First. Yeah, many may say this to you but it comes with love from all of us. I will look forward to the chapters but you are more important. & make sure Steve takes time for himself as well – care givers are muy importante tambien!

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