Whole New World, Part Eight

Short form:  NO CHEMO!  And there was Much Rejoicing.

We are in discussion with the Ray Gun Specialist, and will be starting that therapy, best guess, mid-May.



9 thoughts on “Whole New World, Part Eight”

  1. Hooray! I’m so happy for you!

    I hope the radiation therapy works put as mildly for you as others have commented it did for them, with no more than a mild sunburn at the end.

  2. I too rejoice with you. I also purchased the Splinter Universe from B and N. I enjoyed rereading the material and also discovered some material I had somehow missed. Thank you so much for releasing the material. I especially enjoyed your comments about the writing and agree that Candra is one of my favorite characters.

  3. Great to hear you skipped Chemo! Thanks for releasing the Splinter Universe, my copy came in this week and is on top of the reading stack. Best wishes for a rapid and successful Zap series.

  4. That’s really good news. I’m so glad you won’t have to go through chemo and its side effects.

  5. So happy for you! Glad you get to miss Chemo. Love all of your work! Hugs from Northeastern California from a transplanted New Hampshireite/Maniac.

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