Whole new world

So, this is a catch-up post, and a distant early warning.

First, the warning:  I may be radio silent for a few days next week.  Maybe not.  But maybe.  It could happen.  If it goes that way, this is why.

I have breast cancer and will be having a unilateral mastectomy during the week of March 16.  I’m in good hands, and aside the fact that I have breast cancer (argh!), I’m fairly sanguine about the surgery, which will be what’s called a “simple mastectomy” — i.e. without reconstruction, which was my informed and freely-made choice.

Right now, it appears that I’ve drawn a card from the top of the deck, as the surgeon believes that I will not require either radiation or chemotherapy, though I will have to take an aromatase inhibitor to be named later.  I’ll note that this news is a little previous, since my sentinel lymph nodes still need to be surveyed.  This will happen concurrently with the larger surgery.  If there’s any funny business discovered at that point, then more extreme therapy will be necessary.  I won’t know that for sure until after results come back from pathology, but I’m hoping the better outcome continues to maintain.

For updates until I’m back online, check in with Steve on Facebook, which is where he hangs out most nowadays.  Here’s the link.

. . .I believe that catches us all up.

Everybody stay healthy.

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52 thoughts on “Whole new world”

  1. Please get well soon. Hospitals are no fun, and surgery least of all.
    I hope you have GOOD news. It’s a fact that I LOATHE cancer(@#$&£¢€¥¶?!!), so much. I hope you have no more problems after this.
    Hugs to you and your family. I will be thinking of you.

  2. I hope you’re mending well at home already and out of the hospital. In a pile of books and cats. 🙂

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