Important Announcement RE Boskone

SHORT FORM: Sharon and Steve will NOT be attending Boskone this year; nor will they be taking part of the festivities at NarniaCon. We’re very sorry, and we will miss everyone.
LONG FORM: In this week’s Medical Lottery, Sharon won a biopsy at the Bangor Cancer Center on February 12. Those who have been following along at home will recall that Sharon also has a Stupid Immune System. Because of the uncertainty surrounding the results of the biopsy, she wishes to stay as healthy as she physically can be, should she need to return to the Cancer Center for an intervention. Conventions are notoriously germ-filled, and she has chosen not to risk contracting con crud, or – worse – this year’s version of the flu.
Steve has chosen to stay home with Sharon rather than attend the convention, where he might contract a Dread Disease, and bring it home.
We ARE very sorry, and we WILL miss everyone, but –
Necessity Is.

9 thoughts on “Important Announcement RE Boskone”

  1. Understood. Immune systems can only deal with so much, and yours is challenged by recovery as it is. Stay home! Stay healthy!

  2. A good (and irritating, too) outcome will be: False Alarm!

    good because, well, y’know, the big C, and all that.

    irritating because look at all the con fun you missed.



  3. Don’t know how you planned to travel to Boskone, but being jammed into today’s micro-airplane seats – getting smaller as we’all get bigger – is just asking for pesky germ exposure in all that recycled air. Trains perhaps only slightly less so. Auto travel of course can be stressful especially if multi-day requiring overnight stay in various motels & restaurants & c-stores & …

    OTOH, staying at home should mostly expose ya to germs you already know if not love…[dark humor there!]

    Best wishes for a positive outcome. Recently lost my wife to ovarian C so I experienced caregiver’s acquaintance to immuno-suppression. Take care…Bob

  4. PS & now for something completely difernt…apology, Monty!

    I enjoyed reading the saga of Nell & Biff over on Splinter, & especially the author comments. Yes, I too once typed on a typewriter mostly needing an “ocean” of white-out! Like I always [yes, *always*] say, I’d be one heck of a piano player if only it had a delete key!

  5. Aww, that’s very sad – I was really looking forward to being on the Future Histories panel with Sharon! But your collective health is the most important thing – I hope all turns out well.

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