Small thoughts on the last day of the year

Snow removal will get underway as soon as my hair dries. Speaking of doing things in the wrong order.
It is still snowing here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory. We’ve got about six non-technical inches on the ground, and the plowguy has made his first pass. Weatherbeans are calling for another 3-4 inches, with the whole storm winding down around 7 pm, Central Maine Time.
The birds are mobbing the feeders with such vigor that the squirrels can’t get in. This is not a complaint.
The Plan inasmuch as we have a Plan, is to work quietly — I, for instance, have corrections to input, and two scenes to edit and place. Steve has been hanging pictures — we now have David Mattingly’s cover art for the new edition of Carpe Diem in the dining room, bringing the total number of art works in that room to six.
The Plan also calls for us to take an early evening and view Hogfather, which we’ve never seen.  We may or may not stay up to formally greet 2020.  If we don’t, we’ll surely see it at breakfast tomorrow.
And that seems to me to put a very pleasant period to the Year of Getting Hit in the Head, and may next year be more of everything that was positive in this one.
Happy new year, one and all.

One thought on “Small thoughts on the last day of the year”

  1. Hope you enjoy the film version as much as we did. It is 3 hours with an intermission, so it is well to be prepared. Really liked the casting, will be interested in hearing your opinion.

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