Week Two

I am still confined to the Command Chair, so, I’ve been reading a lot, per The Plan.

The cats are still in attendance, though they no longer feel compelled to sit on me to the exclusion of all other furniture, and seem pleased enough to nap on the couch beside me, or in the rocking chair, or in the cat tree.

On Wednesday, the stitches were removed from my foot and lighter dressing applied.  The pins are to come out on November 12, after which one devoutly hopes to be allowed to shower.  I have been cleared to use my cane for short (short, short) walks, but the knee scooter remains my main ride for long distances, like, say, from the bedroom to the kitchen.

This afternoon, Steve and I had a lovely chat and work session with Eileen Stevens, who is the narrator for Accepting the Lance. She plans to go into the studio on Monday.

Sometime last week, I bought a pen.  A Moonman C1 fine point demonstrator.  I regret nothing.  I also bought some stickers from Redbubble for the Story Box.  Steve is nonplussed, but they’re nice stickers, and I think he may have forgotten that the Story Box once had a unicorn decal on it, the art have long ago faded away.

(The Story Box is the wooden file box in which we keep all the cards for the stories we’ve written.  It was given me a Long Time Ago by a colleague who was cleaning out her office, and who hated it; I don’t know what’s to hate in a pretty blonde wood file box.  Maybe the idea that it had been made by the guys in the maintenance department, and wasn’t really a “professional” file box aggravated her, but anyway, that’s the Story Box, and it’s been around since the early 1970s.)

Today is of course Halloween.  In a few hours, we’ll know whether the Openers or the Closers have had their way.  I’m rooting for the Closers, myself, but then — I would.

. . .and I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print.

Everybody take care.

Sprite observes the situation


2 thoughts on “Week Two”

  1. On November 12, 1984 I stopped drinking and started getting sober. I offer that to you as an omen for November 12 as a good day for pin removal and the start of your next phase of healing.

  2. A-ha! Astute readers of the fluffy variety see a fluffy covering on this scooter of “yours.” It’s reminiscent of cats riding Roombas. Minus the self-propulsion, true, but we are patiently waiting to catch up to the realities in science fiction. Regards, Pepe and Piper

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