Sunny Saturday

So, my office is a converted sunroom. By which I mean, when we moved in to this house, I put my desk and my supply bureau and the Comfy Chair, and my books in the sunroom and pronounced it Good.

And I may say that it performs its function as Writer’s Office with considerable aplomb. I’m pleased.

However, the room has not given over its core function. It is *still* a sunroom and it does its bit to heat, and light, the dining room and kitchen (which have no windows), and as a kindly afterthought provides prodigious sun puddles for the cats to lounge in.

This means that sun — yes, bright sunlight! — pours in through the windows early in the morning until mid-afternoon. And around about, well, now, the sun streams in the clerestory window on the right side of my desk, and I must don my cap so that I can see the computer screen.

I like my cap. It’s denim, with a long visor, kind of like a wearable sun-porch, and a structured crown sewn with four rows of tiny silver sequins, so when the sun is on it, I blaze forth glory like a Sun Goddess.

. . .which is exactly the mind-set you want to bring to answering your morning email.

Sunroom, for the win.

3 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday”

  1. Yeah, this is a therapy house. The last depression was…deep and scary and lasted forfreakingEVER, and I screwed up so many things. Given that I run the business part of the house, we can’t afford another episode like that. And, while the little house in the woods was warm and cozy and all, it was also dark. We were looking to move into the city anyway, and SUNNY WINDOWS got onto the list of Must-Haves.

  2. Your sunroom office sounds lovely. Our house is dark also, which seems surprising given that there are lots of windows. But they are mostly on the northeast side and really don’t let it a lot of light. We’re in the planning stages of taking out the walls between the kitchen, dining room, and living room and one of the highlights of the new plan is a sliding door onto the deck which will allow me to actually sit in chair and see outside where the birds and squirrels are visiting their feeding stations. And the slider will be on the south-southwest side of the house, which should let in a lot of light. I am sooo tired of feeling like I’m living in a cave. And our place was built in 1971 back when they didn’t put ceiling lights so we have to rely on lamps which often just don’t cut it.

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