It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a writer at work rarely has anything newsworthy to report.

However!  I did want to let y’all know that the new entry way bench arrived this morning, and it looks like it has always been there.  Still haven’t solved the rug situation, but we’ll get there. . .

Other than that, I did commit fountain pen the other day, bringing my hoard to six pens — three Pilot Metropolitan cartridge pens, which get very little use at the moment, but which have the distinction of having Shown Me The Way.  The three in use daily are TWSBI demonstrators — two ECOs and (the new) one GO.  Ink colors, for those who want Deep Details are Noodler’s Wampum, Diamine Sherwood Green, and Diamine Ancient Copper.

Fans of the cats will wish to know that they’re enjoying the new place, and that the work of locating Appropriate Cat Spots is ongoing.  Management is in receipt of a request that we use the sofa in the living room more often, maybe watch a movie or something, huh?  Something where a cat can get a serious snuggle going.

In other news, writing has been going forth, slower than I would like, but that’s always the way.  Life in the city continues to be amusing and occasionally surprising.  I continue to like the new digs very much; it’s amazing how quickly we got rooted; In a way, I feel like we’ve been living here for years.

. . .and I think that’s all I’ve got.

Here’s a picture of the new bench:

11 thoughts on “Deliveries”

  1. What a nice big bench! I bet 2-3 people can sit and remove boots simultaneously. Lots of room underneath for a boot tray.

    I also bet the kitty overlords won’t lie on it until it has a cushion.

  2. To protect your lovely wooden floor from waterstains, from melting snow and muddy boots, you will probably need either something like linoleum (which might get slippery), or rubber-backed carpet, or even something meant for outdoors use like astroturf (I think that’s the American name for artificial grass?).

    The carpetshop around here has several different colors and widths of rubber-backed matting for sale, cut off the roll at any length you specify.
    Or there’s rubber-backed carpet in all the usual carpet sizes and types, some suitable for small bathrooms that can even be cleaned in the washing machine.

    If you could get an off-cut of commercial entryway carpeting, that would be both water-resitant, rubber-backed, hard-wearing and easy to clean, and not too costly. Are there carpetshops around your area where you could enquire about those?

  3. What a great bench! Is it wood and metal or just wood? I would like something similar but with a tall back and hooks for coats, hats, etc.

    Glad you have “adjusted” so well to town life 🙂

  4. Nice bench – waterproof rug or mat definitely called for given what rain & winter weather can do to wood floors. I’d love to post a photo of our southwest style bench in our foyer. It’s fairly straightforward with some very nice carving in southwest native american style. Fortunately it was a custom design not quite executed correctly so we got it for a song or two…:-) We have tile on the floor & Albuquerque doesn’t receive much rain & it very rarely snows – got my fill of snow shoveling when I lived in Utah.

    Glad you mentioned TWSBI – a quick look at their web site & I ordered a turquoise Classic with a bottle of “Navajo Turquoise” Noodler’s for my wife’s birthday. Turquoise seems to be a de facto official color here in the southwest plus it’s close to teal color which signifies (among other diseases) ovarian cancer with which my wife is waging a so-far successful battle.

  5. The frame (end pieces) is metal; the rest of it is mango wood. It says here. I really like; we did much better than I had hoped we could.

    I do like the all-in-ones; one of the places I lived back in Baltimore had one of those, with a pier mirror in the middle. MASSIVE piece of furniture, but so very cool. I don’t have enough room for anything like that. The only place the bench can go is under the windows.

  6. The carpet shop we had frequented in this area closed when the own retired and no one cared to buy a carpet shop. We have such things as Home Depot, which sell indoor/outdoor waterproof/water resistant rugs, so I not without hope. Need to measure, now that we have the bench in and can see better how traffic will flow from the front door/foyer.

  7. I hope your wife enjoys the pen and ink.

    We do have a (tiny) tile foyer, and the most rational thing to do would be to extend the tile over into the area the bench now occupies. We, however, have noticed that we’re not made of money. Besides, I like the wood floor…

  8. I like the bench. Outdoor carpet can be used indoors. It just needs and absorbent pad that is waterproof.

  9. Look into the newish pet door mats/rugs. They absorb quite abit of water and dirt and are machine washable. The long nap is also very comfortable on bare and sock feet.

  10. Tile vs. Wood: & an attractive wood floor it is. Having previously lived in climes which get ™cold! I think wood tends to be warmer hence desirable. Well, yes, both materials will be the same ambient temperature, but it seemed to me that tile sucks the heat out of feet a lot quicker than wood does. Keyword being “seemed”. & that’s important for the spring/summer/fall here & easily thwarted with clogs or birkies in the winter.

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