But when you’re born to run it’s so hard to just slow down

Midnight Vestals is the name of my next band. Because I know someone was wondering.

Also, it was hot today, though not as hot as it could’ve been, and I made the Command Decision to go with open windows and fans, because I am So Very Tired of the damn’ roaring from the air conditioner, I can’t tell you. Anyhow, that may have been a mistake. All of my joints hurt, and I am not in my usual agreeable rosy mood.

Despite which, laundry — though not quite all the laundry — has been done, and writing, too.

The slacks I’d thought were lost in the mail, they were so long behind All the Other Things in the same order, arrived today. Mailed from Sweden. The rest of the things came from Massachusetts and Georgia. Oh. That’ll do it.

Tomorrow! I am to Charlie’s Subaru at a ridiculously early hour (though not the most ridiculous early hour) to get the interior light upgrade for Skylark the Forester.

. . .and then I think that my next social engagement is Monday afternoon’s massage. Maybe I’ll turn off All the Internets and get some work done.

I also realized today that, one month from Saturday, I will (1) celebrate my 66th birthday and (2) attend my first ever carousel convention.  Yep.  Definitely need to get some serious work done this weekend.

What’ve you got planned for the weekend?

Today’s blog title brought to you by Steve Winwood, “Back in the High Life Again.”  Here’s your link.  Or, if you don’t care for Steve Winwood, here’s the link to Warren Zevon’s cover.

Or, yanno, listen to them back to back.

2 thoughts on “But when you’re born to run it’s so hard to just slow down”

  1. I sympathize with your wanting to turn off the air conditioner & open the windows. We just got back from a car trip to Texas to see family & friends and all the hotel AC units rumbled amazingly loudly. Our house AC unit was equally annoying until we replaced it in April with a heat pump that actually has different speeds for both the outside unit & the air handler and most days I can’t hear it running at all. Since you just bought the house and summer is almost over, maybe it can go on a wish list for next year. We decided what we wanted in March and saved money because it went on sale April 1.

  2. We had the heat pump on the “do it next year” list, because we had gambled with the tax money to finagle the house, and while that worked out fine (after a blessedly brief period of terror), and I was done gambling for this year. Then! Mr. Trump declared Trade War, and we realized that if we put off the heat pump until next year, it might well be out of reach, financially. And! Maine has a program called Efficiency Maine, which has somehow not been unfunded yet, and which offers low-interest loans on things like heat pumps and power efficient upgrades. So we took out a loan, and the heat pump will be installed in September.

    It’s been an eventful year…

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