Third before Fourth

So, let’s see.

Steve made pancakes for breakfast; we got out the trash and the recycling; I refreshed the Hummer Bar, and the water in the bird bath; Steve cut down the swinging tire, and added it to the Stuff behind the shed.  I called the lawyer’s office; washed pots and pans, unloaded the dishwasher and started filling it back up again. Also, I read my comics and as much of the news as I could stand.

Weatherbeans are calling for a high of 91F/33C today; currently 84F-feels-like-90F (29C-feels-like-32C).  Windows are open, and all available fans are ON.  Trooper has discovered that the ceramic tile in the “entry hall” (actually it’s a little smaller than your traditional sidewalk hopscotch pattern) is cool(er), and has established a Spot between the front door and the wall.  I need to be careful not to push the door wide open and smush him I believe the other cats may be down in the basement, which is not a bad idea.

*Glances at to-do list*

I think it might be time to go to work.

2 thoughts on “Third before Fourth”

  1. I chose to live in South Carolina, so I guess I don’t have standing to complain. Still, it has been in the mid to high 90’s since May (except for rainy days) Fortunately, I have air conditioning. I used to know a family who had a huge, elderly dog (part St. Bernard I think) who spent pretty much the entire year lying in front of a ventilation duct. It made him cooler when it was hot, and warmer when it was cold. Even the cat couldn’t get him to move. Yes, it interfered with the front door, but he was just to big to move.

  2. “all the news I can stand”. That made me laugh. I know you and Steve are not big on watching TV, but at my house my TV is on practically 24×7 (I have tinitus and can not stand quiet-the ringing will drive me insane). But about a year ago I had to give up on having the news at all. It seems like all sides have lost the ability to be civil anymore. So like you, I read the news (as much as I can stand) and move on. As for the temperature. I live in MD, and I am sure you can remember the summer humidity. Its in full bloom this week!

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