Second Breakfast

First breakfast was Cheerios and half a banana, around 8 am.  Second breakfast is six Ritz cracker with cream cheese, and my second cup of tea.

I have News of sorts, for those of you who have been Patiently Bearing with All The Boring House Stuff, and waiting for us to get back to the Important Stuff.

We here at the Confusion Factory have a number of projects currently on our plates, and while they have deadlines as far-flung as August and January, those are delivery deadlines.  Internal deadlines are another thing entirely, because, while Everything May Happen At Once, it has to be handled One Thing At A Time.

So!  We have the following projects in hand:

May 26:  Finish proofing the Anniversary Edition of Agent of Change.  August delivery

May 31: Sharon finishes first draft of as-yet-untitled space opera story for Infinite Stars 2 and passes to Steve.  August delivery

June 1:  Sharon begins Actual Writing of Accepting the Lance.  January 2019 delivery

June 1:  Sharon begins proofing Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume 4.  Steve begins writing mini-intros for each story.  Collaborate on volume intro.  August delivery

July 1:  Sharon begins writing story for Release the Virgins.  Steve begins writing story for Release the Virgins.  August delivery?

You will deduce from this list that we are in a position of needing to Beat Feet and keep on beating.

On top of this — those who are bored with House Stuff may avert your eyes — we still do need to get the Old Digs ready for sale, and finish settling into the New Digs.

We will therefore be Somewhat Scarce on the Information Superhighway.  Email may languish.  We will try to surface occasionally to fill y’all in, but work, by which I of course mean, Feeding the Cats, comes first.

Stay safe.  Keep busy.  Be kind.  Take out the trash.  Call your mother.  Tell the people in your life how much they mean to you.  And, always, always. . .

Watch the skies.


2 thoughts on “Second Breakfast”

  1. The continuing paradox of self-employment: There’s always either too little work on one’s plate, or too much! Glad to see that it’s the latter at the moment, for y’all!

  2. Feeding the cats is, of course, paramount!

    But for the need to provide for the cats (by which I mean “in the lifestyle to which their regalness entitles them”) you could go pitch a tent somewhere and live off-grid. 😉

    The sacrifices we make for our “kids”!! 🙂

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