In which there is a Story Bundle and other things of lesser interest

Today! — Well.  Last night, SFWA released its Gigormous Space Opera bundle through StoryBundle.  There’s a bunch of good reading here, and, boy! what a bargain!

Here’s your link.

You’re welcome.

In other news, we here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory still away the arrival of the pantry, which is rumored to be on course for delivery next Thursday.  Or maybe Friday.  Anyway, it should be installed by the end of the month and we will be fully accoutred.

We still are not entirely moved out of the Old Digs, which needs to happen soon, so we can get it cleaned, and painted, and the rug in what used to be my office replaced, and on the market, as paying two mortgages is, well.  Tiresome.

Tomorrow sees the grand return of the War Engineer, who will reinstall the now-repaired screens and frames, and also help me install a bulletin board where we can post upcoming deadlines and other business and personal news of note, and I can feel organized again.

I also anticipate the arrival of an installer of UV film tomorrow, who will give us a quote on installing, err, UV film in the clerestory windows in my office, and also in the large windows in the living room.

For those following the saga — the pool is gone, leaving a circle of packed sand and a stray volleyball behind.  The team that removed the pool also kindly took away all the paraphernalia of the pool (with the possible omission of the beach ball; I seem to have lost track of the beach ball), so we don’t have a shed full of toxic chemicals down back, only a shed full, as I am given to understand, wasps.

All the cats continue to roam the house and intermingle; there has been no bloodshed, nor scarcely a harsh word uttered.

And, now, having taken these brief moments to update y’all on our doin’s, I’m going to return to the Comfy Chair and the page proofs for The Gathering Edge.

3 thoughts on “In which there is a Story Bundle and other things of lesser interest”

  1. I feel your pain on the 2 mortgages. We did that just once and that was enough. We fell in love with a house in country and big trees. We were assured by our realtor that our house would sell before it had been on the market very long because it was beautifully decorated. Plus there was a hot tub and pool. Unfortunately her prediction was not accurate. The house was already the largest one in the neighborhood and we over improved it. After a full year of paying 2 mortgages we got only one offer for less than we owed. But we took it just to get out from under. Here’s hoping your experience is not like that at all!

  2. The cedar chest is also looking Very Comfy. I’d gladly be a cat on that.

  3. I’m fascinated by how Scrabble, who has always seemed to be decidedly Steve’s Cat, has taken to sleeping in your office. Cats are endlessly fascinating and uncanny.

    Good luck on getting out from under two mortgages!

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