In Which the Painters Get Done

So, the painters finished up late yesterday afternoon, having done themselves proud.  The New Digs are splendid with their freshly painted walls.  Here, take a look:

The living room. Steve provided for scale.
Long shot down the New Wing, culminating in Steve’s office.

I went over today to deal with the inevitable remains of the painting process, and to put in some shelf paper.  Came home for lunch, after which Steve and I went out to Home Depot to acquire more shelf paper, a water filter for the fridge, and  a non-slip rug pad for the new living room rug.

Dropped everything off, met the right-hand neighbors, very briefly, and came home to sort out my desk, which has gotten — surprise! — Rather Chaotic in the last week.  Now that’s straightened around, I can look forward to next week with. . .serenity.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Tomorrow and Monday, Steve and I will move some few things to the New Digs, and possibly go to Best Buy to acquire a Phone System.  Tuesday, at 8 am, the Cable Guy is supposed to show up to do his thing.  Wednesday, at 8:30 am, Mike the Electrician will come by to solve the various electrical puzzles that came with the New Digs.  And Friday, the cats will have a Spa Day at the vet’s.  Around all of that, packing will continue until everything is in a box, or the arrival of the movers, whichever comes first.

So, we’re in motion, and looking forward to the imminent completion of Shifting the House, Phase One.  After which we will seamlessly — seamlessly, I say — into Phase Two: Getting the former location of the Lee-Miller Cat Farm and Confusion Factory ready to sell.

Hope y’all are moving along, as well, in roughly the right direction and with as little muss and fuss as it’s possible to have.

Oh, and here?  An emergency meeting of the Coon Oversight Committee has been called to order.

7 thoughts on “In Which the Painters Get Done”

  1. It’s never a good sign when two or more cats are gathered and Speaking Quietly. I’d keep some band-aids unpacked til last thing were I you…

  2. WOW! The paint job looks FABULOUS! I admit, I had doubts when you revealed the color plan, but oh, my, it looks wonderful! Hm, I remember moving cats from mostly carpeting to all-slick floors. There was… an Adjustment Period. (They were fairly young.) What had been a lot of running turned into a lot of scrabbling.

  3. “Around all of that, packing will continue until everything is in a box, or the arrival of the movers, whichever comes first.” The last time I went through this, I slept about 2 hrs between the last box and the movers showing up. I hope you get more rest than that.

  4. When we moved from Maryland to Maine, we had the truck packed by 3 am and had to be off of the property by 6 am (we were live-in managers at a Public Storage facility). Dozed on the floor for a couple hours, gathered the cats and got through the gate about half-an-hour late, which the weekend manager forgot to notice. Then, we drove for ten hours. I’d like to add, But we were young! then — which was true, but we were surely old enough to know better. Still got here alive after three days on the road.

  5. Lovely! Bright yellow and lots of light–I love it. The built-ins are great but is that enough space for all the books?

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