It has begun

So, Steve and I, and our agent, did the final walk-through of the new house this afternoon.  All the repairs we had requested have been done.  We’re still dithering over the relative uses of two rooms — which only matters because whichever room wins Master Bedroom, we need to buy a piece of furniture in order for it to function in its designated capacity.  The two spaces under dispute are very different in size and layout, so — first decision.

Anyway — the walk-through was the beginning of an event-filled weekend.

Tomorrow. . .is closing.  After that, we’ll entertain the locksmith, then more measuring,  discussion; paint chips and. . .yeah, all that stuff.

Saturday, the Hugo finalists will be announced.  And more boxes will be packed.

Then!  Hat Trick Sunday, which is not only Easter, and April Fool’s Day, but also! the fortieth anniversary of the day Steve and I moved in together.

Monday. . .an early visit to the vampyres for both of us, then more packing, I daresay, and a quiet day at home to prepare us for!


Tuesday is when All The Pros have been summoned to the new house, where they will  Scrutinize the Situation specific to their skill-sets in order to produce estimates and set timetables.  At least one of those pros will fill the oil tank.

Wednesday, for a change of pace, there’s a doctor’s appointment inked in, but for the foreseeable while, packing will be our lives.

So!  What’s coming up across your weekend?

15 thoughts on “It has begun”

  1. Congratulations on the new house. This Sunday, April 1st, will mark the 41st anniversary of the last time I spoke any wedding vows.

    Love all your stories. Thank you once again for sharing them with all of us.

  2. Congratulations! May it be a lovely adventure – I know it’s a little scary.

    I’m flying home from a conference tomorrow, and expect to spend the weekend doing laundry and such, and getting reacquainted with my husband and dogs. 🙂

  3. Before the weekend is finish work on the new computer desk. The weekend is driving down to Tassajara to scout the nearby trails in preparation for the trailwork to be done during work period (12 days on site volunteering over 3 weeks).

  4. Congratulations on 40yrs together! And on the imminent house closing.
    Please promise yourselves and all your caring fans that both of you will be Wise and Mindful while doing the move, vis-a-vis the lifting and dragging and getting Too Tired.

  5. Going to San Jose for the Hugo announcement. I get to wear my staff shirt in public! Then more work for WorldCon.

  6. Congratulations on your new house. I hope all the Pros coming in can be successfully scheduled for all their various specialties. We were lucky when we moved that the painting had been done and the colors were acceptable. What took the longest was having all the new bookshelves built and installed.

  7. Saturday I teach the latest iteration of my Beginning Genealogy class about Online Research. This is Lesson three of the series. Seventy five people turned up for Lesson one, an all time high. I’ve been doing this at least annually for more years than I remember, maybe a decade or so.

    Which means today and tomorrow involve going over the handouts, checking for broken links, and hoping the best sites are still there. Then I email them to the library for printing.
    Nowhere near the task of moving, but one I get through for the pleasure of teaching.

    Best wishes on the move!

  8. I really need to do some sorting and cleaning this weekend because my two boys are going to have 2 friends for a sleepover next weekend. First time. Oh and wrapping of presents for the boys birthdays on Tuesday.

  9. Congratulations on your long lasting loving partnership.
    Getting settled in a new home is fun for everyone except the person who has to wrangle the cats. As for the lifting and carrying leave it to those in better shape.

  10. Happy upcoming Anniversary! Please force yourselves to be careful. I hope you can wrangle some help with all that packing.

  11. Congratulations on your new house. May you live happily and healthily there. I’m still packing for my impending move to Alaska.

  12. Did the cats figure into the final decision of which room to be Master Bedroom? Just a stray thought.

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