Attention! Book People!

Attention convention organizers, fan charity organizers, traveling fans, librarians and friends of library folks …

From time to time we have to load balance the book shelves holding our “extra” author copies. We end up with a a few more of some, a few less of another, but too many to keep — and that’s where we are now.

If you are a con runner, charity organizer, or library-type who could use signed Lee & Miller books as prizes or giveaways for upcoming events, drop me a line at rolanniATkorvalDOTcom. Librarians — if you will use them in your collection or in science fiction oriented events, tell me that, and we’ll see how we can help there, too.

We will ask to be reimbursed for shipping.

We have some hardbacks, some trade papers, some mass markets, of many, but not all Lee-and-Miller, and Lee titles.  We cannot guarantee specific titles. Think of it as a grab-bag of goodies.


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