Oh, I’m in love with the janitor’s boy; and the janitor’s boy loves me

So, it’s been an exciting couple of days here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.

Yesterday, of course, was Sprite’s visit to the vet; always an energizing time.  Sprite had previously been able to call in enough bad weather to twice call for a cancellation of this annual event, but yesterday, her luck ran out.  She was outfitted in her harness and glittery leash, and her ladybug-print bib and off we went.  After a first, obligatory shout-out to the neighborhood that she was being kidnapped, and a few energetic curses as we started up, she settled down on my lap, and seemed to resign herself to her fate.  Steve had turned on the classic rock station — Sprite being partial to classic rock — and that seemed to soothe her somewhat.

The vet pronounced her in good health, and good fur, delivered the required shots and home we came, where Sprite retired to the so-called “medium dog bed” under Steve’s desk for a long and restorative nap.

This morning, she’s still a little subdued, and, after a mouthful of breakfast, has again retired under Steve’s desk for another nap.

I did get together the paperwork, and mailed my check and registration form to the National Carousel Association’s annual convention.  I also tried to call the convention hotel to reserve a room, the information in the packet being that rooms are limited and go fast — well, there was no try about it — I did call, as instructed.  Predictably, all operators were busy, and I spent about eight minutes on hold, listening to the robot telling me that I really could do all necessary business on the website or through the Marriott app.  I held on, though, and finally got a click, and the tail end of an answering machine message which stated that it could not accept any more messages — whereupon, the call was disconnected.

Um, yeah.

So, I’ll try to call again today, though the Main Adventure on today’s schedule is for me to go down to Charlie’s Subaru and have them install a remote starter in the Forester.  This operation will take approximately 2 hours, so I guess I’ll have the courtesy van take me over to Barnes and Noble, which is far more entertaining than Charlie’s waiting room.

What else?  I’m sure there was — Oh.  There are two additional events in motion at the moment, which created much excitement for Steve and me. But!

I can’t talk about them yet.

Oh, but I can tell you that the Dyson — remember the Dyson? that had to be sent away via UPS for repair last Friday? — the Dyson, it says here, has been repaired and will be home today!

And if that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is.

Everybody have a good day.

Today’s blog post title brought to you by Nathalia Crane, “The Janitor’s Boy.”  Here’s a link.  Oh, and here’s another — from Natalie Merchant.

4 thoughts on “Oh, I’m in love with the janitor’s boy; and the janitor’s boy loves me”

  1. Good for you! I got warm fuzzies reading today’s post, and inspiration to go forth and conquer. (Wishing you Good luck on the hotel reservation.)

  2. I talked my husband into the remote starter with my current car. Living in Virginia it is a bit of a luxury but December and January were colder than normal and I really enjoyed getting into a warm car on the days we had sub-zero temperatures. If you have heated seats and leave them turned on when you turn off the car it becomes real luxury when you get in your remotely started vehicle.

    My son has worked in 2 stores that were driven into by cars owner installed additions of a remote starter. Those cars were not equipped automatic transmissions. They were left with the gears engaged and not in neutral with the parking break in use. The cars owners remotely started the cars and they came though the winddows.

  3. My Legacy had a remote starter and I adored it. The Forester had everything else we wanted, and I didn’t think the lack of a remote starter would be that big a deal. I was wrong. All fixed now. 🙂

    Has your son considered a different line of work? That sounds Absolutely Dangerous.

  4. He is now a programmer not a store a manager. His wife and daughter a very please with his hours.

    I never thought his job was dangerous. I did think that some of the customers were absolute idiots. But I had a car with an automatic transmission that could be shifted in to neutral without the use of a key. It rolled across front yard one day and I learned to use the parking brake in every car / truck that I drive every time I turn the vehicle off.

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