Busy weekend

Finally achieved a haircut.  What a relief.  Also?  I can see again!

I’m going to be shutting down carouseltides.com, and in preparation for that, have copied all the pages, and will be integrating them into sharonleewriter.com.  Watch the skies.

Much paperwork was accomplished; and the filing got done, with the able assistance of Scrabble and Sprite.  I made dinner!

And I may — may — have figured out what to do for/with/to Fifth of Five.  I’ll have to sit down with a pad of paper and a pen, and nothing to do on somebody else’s schedule for a day, please ghu, to see if this notion is at all workable.

Tomorrow, in addition to snow relocation, I seem to have three phone calls to make — no, wait; I can email the insurance agent.  Only two phone calls, and if I’m clever, I can put one off until Tuesday.

So…unscheduled time, more or less — coming right up.  Excellent.

I hope everyone had a splendid weekend.



One thought on “Busy weekend”

  1. I sure hope the Fifth+pad+pen works out for the best. Might a pencil be more helpful? Personal preference, I s’pose. You see, after reading some other books I’m re-reading Neo & what a relief to be reading something I really enjoy instead of something I consider merely “certified ok”. Oh, the other books aren’t bad, I just like the Liaden stories so much more.

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